TruAge™ DNA Biological Test Kit

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Discover your true, biological age with our at-home DNA biological TruAge™ Test.

Explore your current biological age. TruAge Index-that calculates the true biological age of individuals by analyzing the DNA methylation (DNAm) profiles of several loci in the human genome as a biomarker of the ageing process.

Provide your saliva sample to determine and monitor changes in your DNA. These changes reveal key details about your genes, lifestyle, and overall health using epigenetics - the scientifically proven, most accurate method of determining your gene's biological age. 


Step one: Activate Your TruAge Test Kit

Once you receive your at-home DNA biological TruAge™ Test, login or register for an account at to activate your TruAge™ Test Kit.

Step two: Mail Us Your Sample

Complete the easy-to-follow instructions provided in your kit to collect your saliva all from the comfort and privacy of your own home.  Use the provided pre-paid envelope to mail it back to us. 

Step three: Get Your Results

Your TruAgeTM results will be mailed within one to two weeks after your sample is received. Log into your TruAgeTM account with us to view your report.