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The importance of AKG as we age

Our bodies naturally produce high levels of Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AKG) until age 40. But after age 40, levels of AKG drastically drop. We all need AKG to live a healthy, longer life. And we can’t get enough of it by eating food.


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Exhilarate. Exuberate. Rejuvenate.

In the game of life, play to win. Rejuvant provides effective AKG replenishment so your body can generate the cellular energy required to maintain vitality.

Rejuvant by the numbers

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As a result of herniated disk, I became interested in non-surgical treatments to alleviate my pain. I've been taking Rejuvant for several months. I've felt better and more energetic every day. I've been so satisfied with the results I ordered a supply for my wife!

- Simon

I run a limousine service and its important for me to stay alert during the day. After 10 days of taking Rejuvant I noticed I didnn't take a break in the afternoon. That's not bad for a guy who is 71!

- Phil

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